I always talk about how I feel or how I felt that fateful day when the whole world collapsed in front of my eyes and how I felt seen people running and laughing on the beach, indifferent, innocent, far from the drama that we were living within our tiny world .

Carlota did not escape from the storm, neither any person who in some way loved Chloe with pure love, the tsunami arced with everything and took a piece of Carlota too.
Something inside her broke in many tiny pieces as soon as she knew what was happening to her little sister.

Carlota, who for so many years had repeatedly asked me to enlarge the family and give her a little sister to love and care for, Carlota dreamed with Chloe and loved her before she was born.

For weeks I refused to tell her the truth, hid everything that was happening, I was coward and terrified, my fear was that mentioning those words all that hell would become reality, it was Pablo who called her and told her that Chloe was seriously sick, I would never have had the courage to

Now from the distance Carlota lives with impotence seen the process of Chloe’s disease, observes how the damages of the disease are affecting more and more Chloe, that little girl that she adore with which always dreamed and to which always loved … even before exist.

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