Nowadays its not easy to fund raise for a charitable cause, thats why I´d like to explain the path we have chosen.

We evaluated many options and platforms for crowdfunding to gather the funds for Chloe´s clinical study.  We chose GOFUNDME for many reasons but mainly besucase it is one of the biggest internacional organizations with a great reputation and success rate.  That gives us and the people who donate confidence that everything is as it should be.  Also there is no time limit.  Both are very important to the project. All funds will go directly to the account of IGTP  ( Instituto de Investigación Germans Trias i Pujol) a very important known research center located in Barcelona.

In any case, we want to reaffirm that this crowdfunding is: TO FINANCE A CLINICAL STUDY TO FIND A CURE FOR CHLOE´S DISEASE.   In other words ALL FUNDS will be used to pay for the lab costs in the investigation of treatment for the specific genetic malfunction that is causing her deterioration.

Specifically all monies will be received directly by IGTP(Institut Germain Triol y Puyol) the Lab currently working on the miracle that is the answer to our prayers.

You will see that GOFUNDME charges a small percent of the donation to maintain their platform and costs. That includes the credit card companies an Paypal.  You can choose the percentage of your donation that goes to the platform, it is not a fixed amount.

Lastly, we would like to say that we will continue forward with the project until we reach our goal and find a cure for Chloe and others suffering VPS13D related diseases.

You have our infinite gratitude for helping our dreams come true and you have helped create a miracle to overcome the impossible.  THANK YOU!!!!!



It is possible to donate direactly to the Research center by bank transfer too, but is REALLY IMPORTANT to indicate PROYECTO CHLOE in the transfer, otherwise the funds will go to the Institution but not to CHLOE’S RESEARCH PROJECT.

The IGTP can provide CERTIFICADO DE DONACIONES, if you need it, please, send the Banks transfer receip and your tax information to

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!

Information to make a donation by Bank transfer


TO: Fundación Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias de la Salud Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP)



BANK ACCOUNT: ES33 0182 6035 4202 0161 2145


Investigation for Chloe

At The Institute for Health Science Research Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP)