Bubbles & Dreams

When the chaos of rare disease arrived in our lives the scariest part was feeling so alone, not knowing who to talk to, where to go, what to ask or what to do.  I realized I spent hours on the internet looking for…. answers?? help?? what to do?? a guide??

I spent so many lost hours until I began to organize my ideas and came to the clumsy conclusion that I had to help other people in my situation.  It was my responsibility to find other scared lost families fighting rare diseases and offer my hand, create a community, come together as individuals to create the strength of a community.  I wanted to give them the answers, support and direction… I wanted to help those other children like Chloe born into a destiny the meant learning to rewrite it.  That is how Bubbles and Dreams was born.  A world full of happy children, bright colors, healthy and sick where their differences brought them together and made them all better.

BUBBLES AND DREAMS is a Non-Profit organisation who’s objective is to benefit children who suffer rare diseases and their families.   The majority of rare diseases are severe and handicapping and many are degenerati, this makes time of the essence to fight them and you can never let your guard down if you want maintain the quality of life for the sufferer.  For more than 7 years we have been developing therapeutic programs focused on helping the children who suffer rare disease.





Bubbles & Dreams

Association for the investigation of undiagnosed diseases in children