Chloe suffers from a rare disease that was unknown until 2018

There are only 12 known cases in the whole world.  In Spain, Chloe is the only one.  Her disease is degenerative, attacking her motor function, it will eventually steal all her movement.  It´s caused by a recessive mutation in the VPS13D gene, there is no treatment……YET!

The disease and the VPS13D

A mutation in the VPS13D gene is responsible for producing a series of irreversible and progressive neurodegenerative disorders …

Affected VPS13D

There are only 12 identified cases in the world, here are the stories of Leane and Mark R. Trenta

Investigation #CocoFishGo

The research project for Chloe at The Germans i Pujol Research Institute

Help us stop Chloe’s serious illness


71%  of the target

Has been donated for research #CocoFishGo

Our first goal is to raise € 25,000 because with this amount the research project can already be started.